Friday, 16 March 2012

Here I am looking none too pleased and a bit ruffled, I'm afraid, after all the dreadful things that have been said about me in recent weeks. I'm boiling! My glittery bits are all on edge. It's quite simple. I'm gorgeous, and everyone else is...well, not quite as gorgeous. As my website says "Snowy Is Best". This, however, does not mean that I am not a caring bear with feelings that are easily hurt. I need love and adoration like everyone else - just rather more than usual...Anyway, I'm spending the weekend in a health spa to unwind, and when I get back I'll be even more gorgeous than before! See you, darlings!
Snowy xxx


  1. Don't let the hoi polloi get you down, Snowy darling! What do the uncleansed masses matter to you, the very personification of glitteratti? Let them fester in their Moderate Sportswear whilst you bask in the haute couture glow at your ton-y spa getaway. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday, Snowy, --then READ those bitches to filth!

    Kiss noise,

  2. Hello John Darling!

    I guess I have a love-hate relationship with the Gross GP (general public) They all love me, I hate them all! But I guess I would have fewer fans if they weren't around. Look at Dame Fi Average, her life would be an empty vacuum without me and my lifestyle to aspire to, sometimes I think I give too much!

    I realise now that I have made my plans for a Spa retreat public, I shall be papped to death! All those celeb sleaze rags are desperate to get pictures of me on their covers and go to great lengths to spy on me. I would call for no photos, but I just can't pass a camera without looking fabulous, so it is just rude not to let them have what they want, right?!

    You understand the superstar psychology, thank god someone out there shares my view of the world, and that being beautiful is the fundamental element of life, around which everything else turns.

    Moderate sportswear! don't get me started darling, whoever invented the elasticated waist band needs shooting!! Frankly, if you can't afford Chanel Couture why bother to go out at all?

    Anyway, time to relax, be pampered and enjoy a few cocktails by the pool.

    air kiss

    snowy xx