Sunday, 18 March 2012

Back from the Spa

Darlings, here I am again, fresh and lovely after my 48 hours in so-so luxury, being pampered by little Asian bears with very odd faces, but quite powerful paws - very good masseurs, I must say, but I shan't be going back to this particular establishment, which did leave quite a lot to be desired. Even so, after all the stress of the past few days, it feels wonderful to be loosened up and restored to my peak level of gorgeousness. So I thought I'd share a few pics which the paps took - God knows how they sneaked in past all the high security  fences, but they'll go to any trouble to catch me in compromising situations, and who can blame then, really?

 Before I do anything, I like a quiet few moments with the bidet...well, obvs not entirely on my own - there were paps there too, but I'm used to that. (Just as long as there were no "plops" eh? Ha ha!) Cleopatra had audiences in the bath, didn't she?

Then, of course, one has to choose the range of perfumes on offer. Didn't think much of this particular selection, I must say, so I went for the D&G, which was a weeny bit less tired than dull old Eau Savage. What kind of granddads does this place cater for normally? And is that Lavender Water behind it? Eek!

I love a really good foaming bath, don't you? Being white white white, I tend to disappear in all those bubbles, so I don't want too many, otherwise no one would know I was there and they might send out a search party.

And I must have the right kind of soap. My fur has thousands of glittery strands that need careful conditioning to keep me in tip top shape. Fortunately, I'm worth it.


  1. Poor Snowy! Last time a bear offered yours truly a massage, it was not a sweet, small Asian bear (a panda, darling)? but a real grizzly! I was absolutely mauled, Snowy, mauled! But at least I did not have to endure the dreaded paps during the ordeal. Quelle horreur!

  2. Sounds quite thrilling really - well, to watch, anyway. My panda was all right but it couldn't speak English or understand what I was saying, so all my celebrity gossip was wasted on it. I didn't like the wallpaper either. Made me quite ill, even through cucumber eye patches. Well, the whole experience at least proved to me that there's no place like home.