Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I have just heard the terrible news that I was not included on that FabBear photo shoot. I should have been on the cover. I have sacked my PR staff and am now hiring a new team. Would David like to be in charge of it, to avoid further mistakes and avoid disappointing all my fans? 


  1. Dear Snowy, are you sure that that is quite wise? employing David I mean, you deserve more than a humble hack to act as your PA! I mean Fab Bears, what is this , the 1960's?!!

    I could get you cover shots on FBM, Bears' Health, World of Bear Interiors, Harpers and Bear, Hello Bear! as well as exclusive interviews and photo shoots with National Geographic.

    I once saw Terry Nutkins (80's wildlife presenter on childrens' TV) through a coach window at Windsor Safari Park, so I am practically famous myself!

  2. Dearest Snowy,

    I know you must be in a state of stress an confusion but I must urge you to consider your selection. I realise that David is in fact a very clever and talented man but you may not be aware that he does in reality, have ....... a DARK side. Considering you are of the purest of snowy white his influences and interests in what might be considered the macabre would not be good for your image and may in fact attract some bad press!!!

    I know I am the humble unknown but please take my advice into consideration.

    Fi xx