Monday, 20 February 2012


Here I am fronting my own show on Art. I've collected all the pictures myself. Most of them, of course, are portraits of me, but there are a few on other much less interesting subjects. Fortunately, the viewer won't be too bothered by them as I will be standing in front of them...

I am also a concert pianist. My most popular numbers with audiences are of course "The Bear Necessities", "Night on a Bear Mountain", and "Teddy Bear's Picnic"...

I've also set up my own film production company, so here I am playing the Gong that will introduce every new film. I hope you're as excited about this as I am!

After all that, I feel exhausted, so time for a rest, I think, and a little more preening. Where IS my mirror?


  1. Gosh! Snowy! you're so creative and knowledgable, talented and beautiful, how on Earth do you manage? I'd be a withered old wreak before I'd done half of what you can do!

  2. Well you are not me my dear (and if you try to be I'll sue you for every last penny you've ever earned!)

    Being fabulous is a state of mind, you must transcend the ordinary, the dull, the mediocre, become TRULY SUPER, you can read more on this in my SELFISH HELP BOOK 'Bear and Super Bear'

    Sadly, I think you lack a certain something, you have no celebrity friends, you don't have nearly enough mirrors and you are not a STAR, unlike myself!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to preen!!

  3. Dear Snowy,

    I notice you have joined my blog and I send my thanks. To have such a beautiful bears stamp of approval is very meaningful to me, given your fame and celebrity social circles. I am not at all surprised that you are exhausted by the demands of brilliance and beauty.

    No doubt your extensive talents as a pianist leave you with little time to bother with exploring other bear musicians but at an instant I thought of band Gizzly Bear ( only grizzly as they are not you) and though you may enjoy them.

    I leve you with the youtube address.

    Fi x

  4. Dear Fi, well you are right to thank me for my seal of approval, I don't just give it to anyone you know!

    You are right, being so fabulous does make me exhausted, but I never let it show on my face, I wouldn't want to get wrinkles or dark shadows under the eyes.

    Oh dear what a dreadful noise!! one can hardly hear one's self now, after listening to that awful music link you sent me!! So kind of you!! Actually now I have actually bothered to listen to a little of it, it is not too bad, is this what you Australians all listen too?

    So pleased that you are grateful for my approval on your blog!

    Snowy x