Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello darlings. So sorry I've not been around for so long but I've been in Egypt. Sailing down the Nile in a a huge barge rowed by twenty naked brown bear slaves. It was marvellous - though not as marvellous as I deserve. Anyway, we did all the ancient monuments - and I had to fight off all my admirers - I have so many in Egypt, which rather surprised me. I didn't realise they had such good taste. While I was there I was lent Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra wardrobe, and tried out  her jewels. Here's a photo of me wearing some of them. Don't I look fabulous? Even better than Liz I think...

Now it's back to freezing England. I know I'm called snowy, but really I think Egypt suits me much better weather wise. I loved that barge, munching grapes and being wafted by a huge fan. He was very big I must say. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL and send me lots of presents. I'm worth it.

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