Sunday, 29 April 2012


Hello everyone. So sorry it's been an AGE since I was last on here, but I've been busy, busy, busy, opening a new Bear Spa and a range of Snowy Toiletries. Anyway, I've been rooting around in the archive and discovered this photograph, which looks like some Nativity scene Christmas Card. I wonder why I wasn't included as the Angel Gabriel, being made for the part, as I am. Perhaps next year. They look quite cute, but I think they're milking it.


  1. Snowy MY DEAR! what ever were they thinking of not including you in this photo? You are the STAR to outshine all others!!!!

    Are you sure that the bear spa hasn't already been thought of? I am sure I have seen establishments with similar names on the back streets of Soho!! Or is that a bear sauna?

  2. Cher Snowy,

    Really, darling, you simply MUST sack your agent for missing this opportunity! What a catastrophic blunder!

    I'm afraid that 'bear spas' aka 'hirsute havens' are dreadfully commonplace, this side of the pond. But against your undoubtedly rarefied establishment, they will surely suffer the comparison.

  3. Hello John,

    how well you understand me! My agent was thrown into a flaming lava pit hidden beneath my dressing room floor (very James Bond n'est pas?). It wasn't so much for not getting me the part on the above photo shoot, though it was there in my mind when I flipped the switch which opened the trap door, but because he HAD got me a part; on EASTENDERS!!!! I mean have you ever seen that show? it's GHASTLY!!! lots of common people stomping around in Eastend hovels talking cockney Rhyming Slang "apples and pairs, cor blimey gov'nor, love a duck' Its a shame the whole set wasn't flattened to build some ugly Olympic running track over it!

    you see why he HAD to be dealt with!!

    As for my spa, I think I will install sensors which will detect whee all the plaid shirts have been purchased; Anything from Bond Street or Liberty London shall pass through into the inner sanctum, if I find one plaid shirt from a high street establishment and, unless the bear is just too handsome to pass up, he will be shown the door!!

    oh well, I'm off to get my paws done now, see you soon!!

    Mwah!! Mwah!!

  4. Oh, Snowy! C'est trop horrible! (On SO many levels): Firstly, your shoddy agent, who's death was much too swift. A lava pit was quite charitable of you, Snowy. I would have chosen a much slower death than that, but obs, I am not as evolved as you! (Sort of a reversed Darwinian-ism)?

    And then there is the East Enders fiasco. Yes, we are all-too familiar with that sad little production, State-side. Then again, I've read that The Jerry Springer Show is in re-runs in your neck of the woods, so believe me, the embarrassment is mutual! Well, the residents of the East End live in bricks-and-mortar least you can't kick their houses off their cinder blocks!

    As far as the spa goes, there is def a 'right sort' and a 'wrong sort,' but in my humble opinion, those sorts of judgements are best made about people when they're sans clothing and accoutrements!